The Expedited Freight

The expedited freight is the service that is in a great demand among clients. The need for such transportation can be caused by requirements of the agreement or sending the freights with limited storage duration. Operational sending, in this case, allows avoiding the penalties to the sender for freight receipt of inadequate quality or untimely delivery.

The company provides the expedited freight by means of the accelerated container trains.

What are the advantages of this method?

  1. The optimum expedited freight delivery route is carefully thought over and constituted by the qualified specialists, who are successfully working in the sphere of logistics for a long time. Therefore, shipping manages to be made really urgently.
  2. Safety of urgent transportation is the liability that is strictly fulfilled by company. The container is sealed up in the presence of the customer, and on all transit monitoring of location of freight is conducted. These measures allow excluding probability of plunder.
  3. Reducing terms of transportation does not influence a delivery quality. Cargo placement in the container is performed taking into account its properties according to existing rules and requirements.

Other benefits:

  • Address giving of containers for loading
  • Regular schedule of sending
  • Fixed delivery date
  • Complete documentary and information maintenance
  • The increased safety of transportation
  • Freight forwarding and terminal handling

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