The Hot Shot Delivery

The hot shot express is a delivery of parcels, letters, documents, business correspondence, and small freights in the shortest possible time, stipulated previously with the customer.

Delivery is made along the checked routes that allow saving time considerably and to deliver parcels or freight to the city, necessary to you, as fast as it is possible.

The express hot shot delivery will not force your business to stand.

The courier delivery works very quickly. And it is very important, especially in big cities, where important decisions are made every second. To order the courier, you need to contact only delivery service and in short terms the courier will come to that address that you will specify.

All carriers are selected on an individual basis, and they bear the financial responsibility for the carriage of each parcel, therefore, you can not worry about confidentiality of information sent by you lies.

After the courier receives the parcel at you, documents, business correspondence, mail or not large load, it is sent to the receiver by the car or other transport mode. It is possible to obtain information about the transit of your departure, and about the person who has received it on the website of company.

Do you have a small box, pallets or even a bike going to next block or farthest corner of USA and Canada, you can rely on us. We are available to You 24/7, simply call us: (630) 468-0702

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