Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is a method of serving parcels in a faster way than customary postal services do. It takes less time than mail process of premium class. But, each shipping company defines its own array of services understood under “expedited”.

The only thing, which is commonly accepted, is that the goods can’t be shipped longer than three calendar days to all possible distances.

Green Oaks provides fast, high quality, and guaranteed expedited shipping service for shipments all over the world. We deliver your urgent parcels door-to-door. Our service area is tremendously large and includes a great number of export destinations and import origins. Stop scratching your head thinking how to deliver items to this or that location.

Just choose any point on the map and we will do the rest of the job for you.

Our extremely dedicated staff consists of highly experienced drivers, logistics specialists, and customhouse brokers who will easily clear your cargo from customs at any qualified location. We have all the equipment needed for forming incomparable ability to meet our customers’ most important requirements for shipping. Besides, our specialists are always searching ways to save your money and time, and to find the best way of assisting your parcels. Green Oaks provides successful and on-time delivery only, preserving our customers’ goods in ultimate conditions. Feel free to contact us and solve your issues related to the delivery of certain goods in the best way!

Do you have a small box, pallets or even a bike going to next block or farthest corner of USA and Canada, you can rely on us. We are available to You 24/7, simply call us: (630) 468-0702

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