Cargo Van Delivery

Whether you need lightweight transportation or delivery of somewhat heavy loads we offer ordering a cargo van – a car with closed body, capable of ensuring the safety of transported items and equipment and protecting from precipitation.

Our company recommends opting for this type of transportation when you have some of the following needs:

  • transportation of furniture;
  • office relocation;
  • apartment moving;
  • transportation of household appliances;
  • food delivery;
  • transportation of glass.

Cargo vans provided by our company are cars, constructively combined with a closed body or body with awning.

Unlike high-sided truck such cargo van features fully enclosed body part. Some vans come with isothermal bodies or with bodies equipped with refrigerators. Our cargo vans are often used for delivery of products with a limited shelf life and goods requiring special conditions of transportation.

Evaluation and selection of a cargo van
To choose a van for the transportation, we assess the cargo on the following criteria:

  • weight;
  • amount;
  • the degree of fragility;
  • transportation requirements.

Based on these data we can talk about the most careful selection of vans, which in this case are divided into several types:

  • Car based van, which is used for transportation of lightweight cargo weighing up to 1200 lbs; it can be office equipment, small household appliances, food, personal items, appropriate to declared weight.
  • Light duty van – used to deliver cargo with the weight of maximum 1500 lbs.
  • Medium duty van has a high load capacity up to 2500-3000 lbs, depending on the vehicle model.

Before the cargo van delivery is carried out, you need to prepare things, which are going to be delivered. Be sure to pack them properly in order to provide the integrity of the cargo.

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